The basic video analysis is focused on a basic assessment of the essential skills required for a specific type of the turn.

In your video analysis we will focus on identifying of your strengths and weaknesses. We will help you to recognize where in the turn a potential problem occurs and what is potential consequence of that problem further in the turn.


Your customed video analysis will be delivered from us within

1 – 3 days (unless stated otherwise) via the WhatsApp of sending the video! (from the side and from behind if possible).


The ideal position of the camera is in 3/4 of the intended run so that the skier makes another 2-3 turns under the positon of the camera. We recommend you to ski for a demonstration down the aproximately 50-150m long run, also depending on the speed and type of the turn. For beginners and intermediates, we recommend approx. 50m long run. For more advanced and f