When you purchase this product, you will receive a detailed analysis of your ski technique, tips for improvement, recommended exercises and a video of the correct execution of the discussed type of the turn.

We will be working together on improving of your skiing skills, with the help of three video / audio movement analyses of your skiing, which you will one-by-one send us. Each analysis includes instructional videos with recommended exercises and correct execution of the discussed turns.

We will discuss the details in person during a 2x Skype / WhatsApp call (15 min.).


For an accurate and precise video analysis, we will need a video sequence of the skier taken from below (from the side and from behind if possible).


The ideal position of the camera is in 3/4 of the intended run so that the skier makes another 2-3 turns under the positon of the camera. We recommend you to ski for a demonstration down the aproximately 50-150m long run, also depending on the speed and type of the turn. For beginners and intermediates, we recommend approx. 50m long run. For more advanced and faster skiers we would recommend slightly longer run approx. 150m long.

5x ONLINE COACHING VIDEO ANALYSIS (2x skype / whatsapp call

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